Multistage Submersibles

Submersible Well Pumps

Multistage submersible pumps are designed to bring water up to the surface for use in a variety of applications, most often for domestic and irrigation use. Because sub-surface water is an important water source for many people, choosing the right pump is very important.

Shallow well pumps vs deep well pumps

Shallow well pumps are found in applications at sea level (25’ or less). This style of well pump is not submersible and is placed outside the well in a well housing.

A key feature you should look for is overload protection, which prevents motor burnout. The best shallow well pumps are accompanied by a diaphram storage tank or a booster to increase PSI, in order to provide constant water pressure to a home. If size is a restriction due to the well housing, choose a pump with a booster as this will take up less space.

Deep well pumps can be used in wells as deep as 1000’ below ground. Unlike shallow well pumps, deep well pumps are submerged inside the well to allow the impellers to push the water up.

Since these pumps can be several hundred feet below ground, a 3-wire model makes maintenance easier. In a 3-wire model the starter controls are above ground, wired to the pump. A 2-wire model is easier to install, but should the pump fail, you’ll need to bring it up to ground level to fix or replace the electrical controls.