About Submersible Pumps

How Does a Submersible Pump Work?

Submersible pumps are designed to run while located within the fluid being pumped. The fluid is accelerated by a spinning impeller to create pressure and move the liquid up through pipe or hose.

Benefits and Applications

Submersible pumps run very efficiently, are virtually noiseless, and require minimal maintenance. Top discharge designed submersibles often cool the motor by flowing the fluid past the motor housing. This cooling process allows the pump to run long hours with little or no shutdown. Submersibles are used for water features, water transfer, industrial settings, sump, effluent and sewage transfer.

Always Choose Munro

  • Continuous duty design – We take continuous duty style submersibles a step further by using high-quality components such as abrasion-resistant double mechanical shaft seals and motors built for long life. Our designs keep the motor cool and your pump in service – day after day.
  • A pump for every job – Whether you need to create a waterfall, pump out a basement, or move sewage... Munro’s got it! We have a full line of submersibles and can help you find the perfect pump for your job.
  • Advanced engineering for efficiency and flexibility – We’ve improved standard industry designs to bring you products that are more efficient and versatile. Many of our submersible draw lower amps than others on the market, which means they cost less to run. We use high quality components and thoughtful designs to give you more flexibility and versatility.

Table to help you choose a pump.