Artificial Turf Pump Stations

Go The Distance
Artificial Turf Irrigation Systems require a high volume of water at high pressure to achieve maximum sprinkler radius in order to allow the sprinkler heads to be placed off the playing surface. This pressure is not available from municipal water sources, so a packaged booster pump station is required.

With hundreds of installations worldwide,
Munro has unique and proven expertise in pump stations for artificial turf.

The Perfect Pair
Munro's StandAlone for Sports Turf provides an all-in-one pumping solution that is fully compatible with Hunter's innovative Synthetic Turf (ST) system. Depending on the type and number of ST heads installed (and the volume required), Munro has a pump to make it all work. 

Selecting a Munro pump allows you to complete a total specification quickly. We can size and provide specifcation on a pump rapidly.
When used with a Hunter ST system the Munro pump comes with a 5-year warranty.

Connect with Munro on your Artificial Turf System requirements. We can furnish a complete specification package from your Artifical Turf pump application including drawings, written specifications, budgetary quotes, and more. Systems are assembled in Grand Junction Colorado.                     

 Irrigation Images Courtesy of Hunter Industries


Features and Benefits

  • 3-25 HP high quality, horizontal centrifugal pump
  • Professional-grade VFD
  • Pressure boost configuration
  • All grooved fitting assembly for ease of maintenance and quick assembly
  • Powder-coated marine-grade aluminum enclosures
  • Facilitated start up

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