Custom Pump Stations

We built our first prefabricated pumping station in 1970. Although pump, pipe and valve technology has seen only minor changes, the technology that drives how the pumps are controlled has changed dramatically! Munro has been on the cutting edge of those changes through the use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Relay Logic Controllers long before they became the industry standard.

Creating unique solutions to meet your requirements
We provide custom systems, designed, built, tested and serviced with a personal commitment to solving customer needs. Our custom pump stations are designed and specified according to individual customer requirements, ensuring all needs and budget guidelines are met. We can help you identify the problem and apply our expertise to solve it.

We stand behind our stations
With Munro’s innovative product line and unmatched expertise, we can offer stations with unprecedented reliability and performance. We routinely assist with commissioning to ensure a smooth start-up and also offer ongoing support. And with our Munro Webview remote monitoring, you know your system is performing and we can help troubleshoot, nationwide.

Safety is a top priority
All completed Munro electrical panels are listed with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL 508) to insure that our products meet rigorous safety requirements.