Safety and Testing

Safety is a top priority for Munro, in every aspect of our business. From our internal safety committees to our state-of-the art test centers, we take safety, accuracy and testing very seriously. We adhere to all OSHA standards, NAHAD guidelines, and maintain rigorous testing policies and practices. When applicable, many of our products are UL, FM and CE approved.

Pump Testing
Munro pumps are required to meet their curves consistently. With our in-house test facilities, we test every build batch and do extensive testing to support all design decisions.

Valve Testing
We know how critical it is that valves function properly and do not leak. Valve integrity is important to all of our customers. Because of our work with customers in the energy, wastewater and mining industries, where a malfunctioning valve can mean astronomical fines or, worse, dangerous working conditions, we have developed and adhere to rigorous testing procedures for all of our valve products.
Pump Station Test Center
Unlike any other pump station test center in the industry, we are able to run functional and diagnostic tests on all of the pump stations that we build or retrofit. All Munro pump stations are tested to specified conditions before they leave our manufacturing center.

UL508A Panel Shop
With UL 508A control status, our panel shop provides comprehensive electrical and mechanical design and construction. From first draſt to final wiring and testing, we maintain quality, reliability, and meticulous design standards.

Hose Testing
We adhere to the NAHAD (National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors) standards and require NAHAD certification for all employees on our hose assembly team. We batch test all hose assemblies and can meet any customer testing requirements. We also offer routine maintenance testing services for hose up to 14”.