Resolving Loss of Prime / No Water Delivery with Centrifugal Irrigation Pumps

Pump trouble got you down? Let us help! These 3 easy steps will help you to identify whether loss of prime may be the problem.



Centrifugal Pump Maintenance: Winterization
Need to know how to winterize your irrigation pump? Follow these easy steps, and you'll be finished in to time!


Pulling Motor End off of a Centrifugal Pump

Here's a quick and informative video showing you how to remove a centrifugal pump motor from pump casing without having to disconnect pump from pipes in your irrigation system. While this video is shot from within our shop, it will be exactly the same on site.




Munro Companies Overview

At Munro, we develop and bring to market innovative products and solutions to move water. As a customer-centric organization, our top priorities are to solve problems, improve performance and create lasting partnerships. Whether we’re creating a new product, sourcing the right component, or improving a customer outcome, at Munro, innovation happens every day.


Munro Complete Pro ll Installation

Finally, there's a better way to install an irrigation pump...
So many things to remember: fittings, gauges, controls, wiring. Plus the materials to build a pump house. There’s room for errors, leaks, and even safety violations. Many hand-made installations fail prematurely.
We made it easy. We’ve taken all of the pieces and parts and put them together in one complete package.