The Simplicity 70VFD 5hp

The Simplicity 70VFD 5hp

Simple specifying – One part number, one
product. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Simple controls – No throttling valves or
dampeners means fewer controls for
simpler operation.

Simple maintenance – Lower operating speeds means longer life for bearings and motors, while a soft-start and controlled ramp-up eliminate water hammering.

This self­-contained UL-QCZJ pumping station is a
low-maintenance, high-value solution for commercial,
agricultural, and residential irrigation systems.
Suction lift or pressure boost – Specify your
 application to get the configuration you need.
True soft start and stop – can be started via
 pressure or clock
Constant pressure – avoid pressure changes on
 low-gallon zones
Quick ship – Can ship in 2 weeks or less
Start-up and support – Phone support from the
 Munro team as well as our national network of
 service providers.



HP Incoming Power Voltage Starting Method Discharge in Suction in Control Suction Lift/Pressure Boost Approx. Ship Weight/Lbs Model Number
5 1ph 230 Pressure/Clock 3 3 VFD Suction Lift 320 SIMP23051PHSL
3ph 230 SIMP23053PHSL
3ph 460 SIMP46053PHSL
1ph 230 Pressure Boost 336 SIMP23051PHBP
3ph 230 SIMP23053PHBP
3ph 460 SIMP46053PHBP


Simplicity 70VFD
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Simplicity 70VFD





44" 22 1/8" 27 1/4"