Using Site-Sourced Water for Smart Irrigation

The extreme drought that has been devastating many parts of the Untied States has impacted water restrictions as well as contributed to rising water costs, forcing many to step away from using municipal water and transition into using alternate sources. When water is scarce, it gets:


Expensive  -    municipal water rates go up. Suddenly keeping the landscape healthy gets more expensive year after year. 

Regulated  -  the water purveyor says when, how and where property owners can irrigate. Millions of Americans have been affected by the recent mass implementation of water restrictions and outdoor irrigation bans. When water is restricted, maintaining a healthy landscape becomes more difficult.

Use water available on the project site, such as lakes, ponds, retention ponds, streams, irrigation ditches, and cisterns/tanks, to protect your customers against rising municipal water costs and restrictions.

What are the benefits of using site-sourced water?
1. Help your customer save on water costs $$ --
without having to rely on municipal water, your customers could save hundreds of dollars per year utilizing onsite water sources, as well as save water over the life of the system.
2. Enhance your proposal with lower operating costs --
quoting a system that requires lower operating costs will give you an advantage over the competition, and can often lead to more jobs won. Property owners hate high water bills and may even stop using their system if the costs become too overbearing.
3. Typically no restrictions on when water is available for use, what can be watered and how much -- using the water onsite efficiently will keep the landscape green, healthy, and attractive - often essential for maintaining businesses and property values.
4. Become a valuable resource by offering water smart pump solutions --
offering site-sourced water will help position you as an indispesable asset to your client, helping them to navigate through a growing water crisis.
5. Achieve healthy, lush landscapes even in dry periods -- 
utilizing onsite water allows you to maintain the landscape your customer desires, even in the midst of a drought.
6. Avoid plant loss due to water restrictions -- 
when water restrictions are in place, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain plant life. Onsite water sources help to avoid plant loss, which in turn helps to eliminate replacement costs.
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