Munro Pump Control Panels

Munro Pump Control Panels

Housed in NEMA 3R rainproof and sleet-resistant enclosures, Munro Pump Control Panels feature combination starters with accessories and custom modifications to meet the needs of the irrigation market.

  • Convenient straight-through wiring – top-line and bottom-load connections offer easily accessible pressure connections for line, load and control
  • Overload relays with trip indication – Featuring bimetallic operation with ambient compensation and either manual or automatic reset
  • Factory-wired starter and disconnect


  • Nema 3R enclosure
  • Main circuit breaker
  • IEC contactor
  • Adjustable thermal overload protection
  • External reset pushbutton
  • Fused control circuit
  • Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) selector switch
  • Terminal block for connection of remot control
  • NOTE - "MPLC" model numbers designate the use of an optional SmartBoxTM pump protection system.

Overload Relay Features

Designed for 2,000,000 electrical operations and 20,000,000 mechanical operations through 20 hp at 460v. Solid state adjustable relays are available for single-class motors up to 10 hp at 230v, and for 3-phase motor applications from fractional horsepower.

  • Single-phase and phase unbalance sensitivity for 3-phase units
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Adjustable trip current
  • Overload trip indication
  • Manual/Auto reset
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC contacts
SmartBoxTM Optional Features
The Munro SmartBox option offers a preset pressure sensor (preset at 20psi) that alerts the control system of potential pump damage
due to loss of prime or run-dry. 


Approximate Wt. Lbs. Voltage Phase HP Size in Model Number
43 220 1 3-5 24X20X8 MPCP2103-05
43 7.5-10 MPCP2107-10
45 220 3-5 MPLCCP2103-05*
43 7.5-10 MPLCCP2107-10*
43 220 3 3 MPCP2303-03
43 5-7.5 MPCP2305-07
43 10 MPCP2310-10
43 15-20 MPCP2315-20
43 460 3-5 MPCP4303-05
43 7.5-10 MPCP4307-10
43 15-20 MPCP4315-20
* These boxes contain SmartBox low pressure protection
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