Munro StandAlone

Munro StandAlone

Munro’s StandAlone Systems are designed to provide superior performance and value.

These custom-engineered, UL Listed (QCZJ), integrated control systems solve the problems associated with most small package systems by minimizing cost and complexity.

Munro has been building pump stations since 1972, and was an early adopter of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology. By the mid-90s, we recognized a need to simplify pump station automation, and developed the Munro StandAlone software.
The StandAlone software automates the pump station using only the VFD – no need for external logic, such as hardwired controls or PLCs. This simplification makes our pump stations easier to install and maintain, and much less costly than our competitors. Instead of costly visits from factory reps, station troubleshooting and adjustments can be handled by service provider partners and, in most cases, the system is simple enough for the end user to maintain. 
The simple, efficient, and effective Munro StandAlone Pump Station includes the necessary pump(s), suction and discharge fittings, check valves, isolation valves, skid, and enclosure to meet the demands of the application.

Power Options

  • 220v or 440v
  • Three-phase units to 20 hp
  • Single-phase units, with phase conversion, to 75 hp

Pump Options

  • Self-priming centrifugal
  • Horizontal centrifugal
  • Vertical centrifugal
  • Submersible-style turbine
  • Vertical multi-stage

Protection Features

  • Pressure surges
  • Loss of prime
  • Rapid cycling
  • Dead heading
  • Over pressure
  • Motor overload
  • Low/high voltage
  • Catastrophic discharge line break