Munro StandAlone

Munro StandAlone

Munro’s StandAlone Systems are designed to provide superior performance and value.

These custom-engineered, UL Listed (QZCJ), integrated control systems solve the problems associated with most small package systems by minimizing cost and complexity.

  • Maintain constant pressure in the face of varying system demands, without the hassle of large tanks, energy-robbing throttling valves, or jockey pumps.
  • Prevent pumps from rapid cycling and pressure surges during start and stop.
  • Simplified set-up and operation, with all functions incorporated into one unit.
  • Munro Webview available to monitor your system remotely.
  • UL-50-3R rated enclosure certified for outdoor use.

StandAlone custom designs can be built with a variety of pumps, including self-priming centrifugal pumps from 10 to 250 gpm, horizontal or vertical centrifugal, and vertical-style or submersible-style turbine pumps. Piping options include stainless steel or municipal by-pass configurations. Standard three-phase units are available to 2,000 hp and larger.

Power Options

  • 220V or 440V
  • Three-phase units to 2,000 hp and larger
  • Single-phase units, with phase conversion, to 75 hp

Protection Features

  • Pressure surges
  • Loss of prime
  • Rapid cycling
  • Dead heading
  • Over pressure
  • Motor overload
  • Low/high voltage
  • Catastrophic discharge line break

Pump Options

  • Self-priming centrifugal
  • Horizontal centrifugal
  • Vertical centrifugal
  • Vertical-style turbine
  • Submersible-style turbine