FloWater Products

FloWater products are now manufactured and available from Munro!

Thank you for your interest in and past purchases of FloWater products. Munro is very pleased to now be offering these high quality basket strainers and self cleaning strainers.

Developed in the valleys of Western Colorado, where snow-melt feeds canal systems of 'raw' untreated water carrying an unusual amount of debris and sediment, our self-cleaning strainers were specifically developed to address irrigation needs when water sources contain sediment or debris.

The self-cleaning strainers function by taking a small amount of the pressurized water generated by the pump and supplying this back to the strainer through a return line. The pressurized water drives the rotation of two internal flat-fan nozzles, which clean off the screen. The natural tendency for trash and debris to be drawn onto the screen by the pump’s suction is counteracted by the internal washing mechanism. The placement, size, and orientation of the nozzles are designed to maximize the cleaning capability for the amount of water used.



SC-Series Self-Cleaning Strainers B-Series Basket Strainers
Keeps water-borne debris from being drawn into irrigation systems
  • Self-cleaning mechanism with brass nozzles and bearings
  • Durable 6-mesh PVC screen
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
Designed to protect your pump system in moderately dirty water
  • Corrosion-free 6-mesh PVC screen is more durable than steel
  • With five sizes available, there is a strainer to fit all but the largest pump systems