4 Differences That Make A Great Pump Station

Enclosure Features
Pump station housing and protection are important factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy system. Munro enclosures offer the following options:
 Stainless steel base or whole enclosure
 Cooling and heating options
 Insulation for weather and sound
 A variety of color options
Commissioning Support
Munro’s team designs, builds, tests, and services our pump stations with a personal
commitment to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Our in-house
troubleshooting team, along with our network of Authorized Service Providers (ASPs), supports our products throughout their lifecycle and provides startup and maintenance assistance.
Remote Monitoring
With Munro WebView, you stay in the know. Our system is web-based so you can use any device with an internet connection to get instant access to system data with just a secure log-in.
 Easy to navigate interface puts system data at your fingertips
 Visual reporting of critical information including system pressure, actual flow, motor
speed, and motor current
 Alerts for station faults or alarms
 All hardware and software is located on one unit
Munro offers pump station resources that are unmatched. From our Pump Station Specification and RFQ Form, which helps organize project requirements, to providing drawings, bid documents and design details in professional and customizable specification packages, we have everything you need to make specifying a Munro pump station easy.