Save Time, Prevent Errors, Get More Accomplished

This will be an irrigation season unlike any other. Response to COVID19 may mean reduced man power or reduced time in the field. You need products that will save man-hours and increase profitability – we have what you need to get to the next job faster!

One Complete Package

Stop hand-building an irrigation pump installation fitting-by-fitting. You waste time gathering and assembling fittings, gauges, controls, wiring and more.

Munro made it easy. We've pre-assembled all of the pieces and parts and put them together in one complete package to save you time and money. The Complete PRO II is the smart solution for a professional irrigation pump installation. Learn more about the Complete PRO II.
Get Smart to avoid the hassle of a pump meltdown
Now you can prevent the biggest pump killers with a "Smart" pump control. Standard pump relays can't prevent the pump running dry (no water) or the pump dead-heading (running with no valve open to irrigate). Either of these problems will destroy a pump or cause serious damage to the system, leaving an expensive mess. We call prevention of this damage "Pump Protection" and it's standard on every SmartBox. Learn more about the SmartBox.
Troubleshoot pumps faster
Designed to assist irrigation professionals in troubleshooting common pump and pump control issues, the Munro troubleshooting guide for centrifugal pumps and controls will help you use the symptoms that you see or hear to determine the root cause and find a solution… so that you can move on to the next job faster. Download the troubleshooting guide.