Pump Station Upgrades and Replacements

As pump station components age, or when an older irrigation system doesn’t have water or the pressure it needs, the first thought is usually that the pump station is causing the problem. Often the pump station is performing just as intended, but changes at the site have changed the performance requirements.
When site conditions change, requirements change. These changes can interfere with the pump’s ability to provide the required service clients expect. Even changes that may not seem to have anything to do with the pump station can affect piping, create line breaks, or affect performance requirements. For example, new fencing, aeration, or animals could damage pipework. Adding zones, changing watering windows, or changing the sprinkler equipment used could affect requirements, resulting in an under or oversized pump.
As pump station components age, they will need to be repaired or replaced. A necessary replacement or change to a site offers a great opportunity to explore new technologies that may make the pump station more efficient or effective. It’s also a good time to look into remedying any issues with the station or upgrading the station to handle current or future changes to the site. 
End users may feel stuck between using and continuing to repair the pump station they currently have or replacing the whole station, usually at significant cost. This is not always necessary. Munro can help retrofit an existing station with new technology or new components to improve performance or ease maintenance requirements. For professional-grade pumps, Munro is able to work with golf course management, irrigation consultants, engineers, and service providers, to provide suggestions and plans for a retrofit. Munro’s designs for retrofits hold the same focus as their new stations – simple operation and maintenance, utilizing time tested products and the latest technology, with the end user in mind. 
Munro offers total pump station replacements, as well as existing station upgrades. When it’s time to consider changes to an irrigation system, be sure to consider the changes to the performance required from the pump station. If the current station no longer meets the end users’ needs or requires major repairs, a retrofit might be the most cost-effective option.