Adjustable Relief Valves

Adjustable Relief Valves

These high-pressure valves, intended for clean water, offer the benefits of both a relief valve and an unloader valve.

The unloader and relief valve helps bleed off excess water or pressure in a system.

Cast Bronze Body, S.S. Ball Valve

Approx. Wt. Lbs. Outlet/Inlet (NPT) Min PSI Max PSI Materials Model Number
1.25 1/2"F x 1/2"M 15 200 Cast bronze body, s.s. ball valve HPP33000002
1.25 3/4"F x 3/4"M 15 300 HPP33000001
3.5 1 1/4"F x 1 1/4"M 15 200 Cast iron body, s.s. ball valve HPP33160002