Munro RP Series 2hp - 5hp - Amphibious

Munro RP Series 2hp - 5hp - Amphibious

This amphibious pump designed for continuous duty water features does not need a vault. The pump can be positioned at the bank instead of the bottom of a water source because a hose and strainer allows remote intake of fluid. RP amphibious pumps can also be piped pump to pump to double the pressure!

  • Abrasion-resistant mechanical shaft seal – protects the motor for longer life
  • Enclosed channel impeller – increases efficiency and lowers operating cost
  • Stainless steel outer case – durable and low maintenance

Recommended for: river and flooded irrigation
Other uses: water transfer, wastewater


Easy to place and maintain – The amphibious design means you can retire your waders! Place this pump right on the bank of the water, where it’s easy to maintain. Laying down or standing up, you’ll see the same great performance.
Higher than average flow to hp with pump-to-pump pressure boost capability – High gallon output sets this pump apart from the crowd. If you need an extra boost, plumb pump-to-pump and double your output pressure.

Low cost to own – When pumps are in continuous use, the energy use and cost can really add up! Our pumps use lower amps per gallon pumped than most of our competitors, which saves power and money. 


Specifications - Pump

HP Phase Max Head Ft. Max Capacity GPM Max Capacity GPH Discharge Inch. Wgt. Lbs. Solid Pass Dimension Model Number
2 1 60 190 11,400 3 95 .31" 9.37" 18" RP0302S22A
3 1 63 305 18,300 4 103 .43" 9.37" 18" RP0403S22A
5 3 84 375 22,500 4 103 .43" 9.37" 18" RP0405T22A

Specifications - Motor

Power Amps Phase Start Method Cord Length Thermal Protection Liquid Max Temp. Model Number
HP Volts
2 208-230 11.25 1 Cap 24' Y 104º F RP0302S22A
3 208-230 16.75 1 Cap 24' RP0403S22A
5 208-230 16 3 Direct 24' RP0405T22A