Munro FS G Sewage Grinder Pump 2hp

Munro FS G Sewage Grinder Pump 2hp

The Munro FSG Grinder Pump’s non-clogging design, small discharge, and high pressure make it ideal for individual residential and light industrial sewer applications.

  • Rigid cast iron construction – superior for heat dissipation
  • High chrome steel grinding device – unique cutter designed with chopper and chopper ring will stand up to difficult environments
  • Stainless steel shaft – heat-treated to last longer

Recommended for: sewage
Other uses: effluent


Extended duty service – Whether running this pump for hours or minutes at a time, the double mechanical seals and oil-free motor ensure a long life.

Non-clogging design – The high chrome steel chopper and chopper ring will keep solids macerated and moving.

Premium performance – Heavy duty construction provides trouble-free performance, even in demanding situations.

Start capacitor – No need for a costly control panel.

Specifications - Pump

HP Discharge Max Liquid Temp. Solids Pass. Max Head in Ft. Max Capacity GPM Weight in LBS.

Cable Length Ft.

Model Number
2 1 1/4" 100° F .1" 98 42 77 31 FSG15S22


Specifications - Motor

HP Volts Phase Amps Thermal Protection Cord Length F. Liquid Max Temp. Model Number
2 220 1 10 Y 31 104º F FSG15S22



A B C D E Model Number
15.125" 14.75" 4" 10" 8.75" FSG15S22