Munro Custom Controls

Munro Custom Controls

When you have unique control needs, think Munro. Our custom controls are developed to meet industry requirements and customer requests. Every standard box in the Munro line can have added customized features to expand the StartBox, SmartBox, BrainBox and Pump Control Panel Plus into a unique one-of-a-kind solution.

Let’s work together to create custom controls to suit your application and environment.

Analyzing the application
We'll ask you to provide a general description of your application. What does the control box need to control? Are you looking to run two pumps with one lawn controller? Or turn lighting on at night? Or manually run the pump independent of the lawn controller?

Every system has the potential to be an unique situation which demands specific configuration of various panel components. At Munro, we look at the whole of the application and build something just for you.

Custom Control Options


Building Munro Custom Control Part Numbers