Munro BrainBox - Reduced Incoming Amperage

Munro BrainBox - Reduced Incoming Amperage

Our rainwater harvesting control box with reduced incoming amperage feature.

  • Accepts a low amperage start/stop signal – to provide all of the benefits of the standard BrainBox, including loss of prime or run-dry protection, and safe reduced voltage float control, even when signal amperage is reduced.
  • Compatible 2-wire system – Works with any brand, any style of 24v lawn controller.
  • For use with lawn controllers that provide less than .35 amps for pump start signaling.

Using a series of float control switches, the BrainBox monitors the water level in a holding tank. If there is sufficient held water to feed the pump when the start signal is received, the pump will pull the water from the tank. If there is not enough water available, the BrainBox opens an alternate water source – domestic or secondary water supply. This secondary source can be plumbed into the system directly or can be used to maintain a minimum level in the holding tank.

Rainwater harvest controls do not have to be complicated!

  • A preset pressure sensor alerts the control system of potential pump damage due to loss of prime or run-dry caused by a clogged filter.
  • A temperature sensor offers additional protection for pump and pipework in the case of dead head or a solenoid valve not opening.
  • Float controls are wired for 24v reduced external voltage, which is safer if people or pets could come in contact with external sensors or switches.


  • Dimensions – 12”x12”x6”
  • Color-coded wiring
  • UL-50 Type 3R listed enclosure – approved for outdoor use, available in stainless steel or powder coated blue**


  • UL listed
  • Electrical Rating: 120v/240v – 24/28FLA
  • Largest motor – 110v – 2hp 220v – 5hp


  • Low pressure sensor – fixed at 20 psi
  • High temperature sensor – fixed at 105 ĚŠ
  • Float control – 13 amp @ 120/240 VAC with 16 AWG cord


Signal Voltage Enclosure Color No. of Floats Low In-coming Amp Compatible Hertz Line Voltage Phase Model Number
24 VOLT BLUE 1 YES 60 110 1 MBRB242W11
BLUE 2 220 MBRB242W22