Submersible Well Pump Sleeves

Submersible Well Pump Sleeves

Flow Sleeves are Recommended for Wells, Large Diameter, Uncased, Top Feeding & Screened Sections.

Submersible motors are designed to operate with a cooling flow of water over the motor. If the pump installation does not provide the minimum flow, a flow inducer sleeve (flow sleeve) must be used.

Conditions requiring a flow sleeve:

  • Well diameter is too large to meet flow requirements.
  • Pump is in an open body of water.
  • Pump is in a rock well or below the well casing.
  • The well is top-feeding.
  • Pump is set in or below screens or perforations.

Flow Sleeve Features:

  • Range from 7 to 70 GPM of water flow between flow sleeve and submersible motor
  • Rubber motor-centering bumpers for even water flow along motor
  • Made from corrosion resistant plastic for clean water applications
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Easy installation of industry proven long lasting 4” submersible pump and motor

If the flow of water is coming from above the pump, then a flow sleeve must be added for motor cooling. A flow sleeve is always required in an open body of water.

Approx. Weight Lbs. Approx. Dimensions in In. Discharge Size in In. Pump & Motor Total Length in In. Model Number
9 33 1 20 - 30 SA530100SO
1 1/4 SA530125SO
2 SA530200SO
11 43 1 28 - 40 SA540100SO
1 1/4 SA540125SO
2 SA540200SO
14 53 1 38 - 50 SA550100SO
1 1/4 SA550125SO
2 SA550200SO
17 63 1 48 - 60 SA560100SO
1 1/4 SA560125SO
2 SA560200SO