Strainers and Screens

About Strainers and Screens

There are many different types of strainers and screens out there. How do you know which one is right for your application?

Here we offer a few thoughts on some of the more common strainers and screens styles and questions.

  • Screens - The greater amount of open area in the screen, the less particulate that will be collected and the less the screen will clog. As a rule of thumb, use the largest screen size that will do the job. For pump suctions sometimes larger particles will pass thru impellers than through sprinklers. Each pump and each sprinkler application will be different.
  • Strainers - Choosing the right strainer can really cut down on the amount of time you spend maintaining your pump or your irrigation system.
    • In line strainers - used in pressured applications.
    • Y” strainers - better in higher flows; “T” strainers - better in lower flows
    • Open water strainers - for ditches, ponds lakes
    • Cloth mesh strainers can be placed directly over pipe or over another strainer application for additional straining
    • Basket strainers - better for semi-fine to course particulate. Add a foot valve to retain water in the intake pipe system.
    • Self-cleaning strainers - better for fine to semi-fine particulate

Also check out the screens and strainers section of our catalog for more helpful tips and information.