Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives

The new generation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) by Munro Systems can significantly reduce energy costs and provide environmental benefits.

In some instances, the payback period for using our variable frequency drive in place of other flow control methods is less than 18 months.

Every application is different, but a Munro Systems expert can help you calculate how much energy savings you can expect.

Cost-saving and environmentally conscience

  • Operate your pump more efficiently
  • Easily monitor energy use
  • Eco-designed from start to finish with 88% recyclable parts and exemplary end of life recovery
  • Many models are LEED and ASH RAE compliant

Munro StandAlone Programs for Variable Frequency Drives
Choose from a variety of features to customize the VDF’s performance. Our experts can help you specify performance and features to meet your needs.

  • Sleep activate level
  • Sleep on level
  • Sleep de-activate level
  • Sleep de-activate time
  • Feedback detection level high
  • Feedback high fault time
  • Feedback detection level low
  • Feedback detection level low on delay time
  • Feedback detection hysteresis
  • PID minimum speed
  • Loss of prime
  • Loss of prime delay
  • Line fill mode