Pressure Gauges - Liquid Filled - Bottom Mount

Pressure Gauges - Liquid Filled - Bottom Mount

For severe service requiring a waterproof, steamproof or weatherproof gauge, with the added problems of pulsation and vibration.

This pressure gauge has shock absorbing polyglide movement plus liquid filling to absorb effect of vibration and pulsation.

Approx. Wt. Lbs. Conn. Size Dial Size Description Pressure Range Model Number
.5 1/4" Bottom 2 1/2" Liquid Filled with Brass Tube & Socket 30" Vac. MUGUAGEVAC30
30"x30# MUGAUGEVAC30X30
30"x100# GAJ100BAL
0-15 MUGAUGE15
0-30 MUGAUGE30
0-60 MUGAUGE60
0-160 MUGAUGE160
0-200 MUGAUGE200
0-300 MUGAUGE300
0-400 MUGAUGE400
0-600 MUGAUGE600
0-1000 MUGAUGE1000
0-2000 MUGAUGE2000
0-3000 MUGAUGE3000
0-5000 MUGAUGE5000

Pressure Gauge dial range should be twice the intended operating pressure range.

Also available: Back mount and panel mount. Various sizes and accuracies.