About Munro

Manufacturing Excellence

At Munro, we’re proud to develop and bring to market innovative products and solutions to move water.

Our top priorities are to solve problems, improve performance, and create lasting partnerships. Whether we’re developing a new product, sourcing the right component, or improving a customer’s outcome, innovation happens every day at Munro!

We manufacture pumps, pump controls and pumping systems for many different applications, including: irrigation, agricultural, mining, municipal, water features, and wastewater. We also sell parts and accessories for most types of pumps.

Our main types of commercial grade pumps are:

We also sell pumps, parts, and accessories for many commercial, agricultural and residential applications, including:

Water pumps
Fountain pumps
Irrigation Pumps
Booster Pumps
Sewage Pumps

Sump pumps
Well Pumps
Water Harvesting Pumps
Dewatering Pumps
Chemical Feed Pumps

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us, because we can custom design pump controls, pumping systems, and pumping stations. We also offer a full line of other parts and accessories, including:
  • Pump controls (Pump start relays and pump protection
  • Valves (foot valves, cam butterfly valves, and frack tank valves)
  • Pump stations (irrigation stations, lift stations, and dewatering stations)
  • Grooved fittings (fittings, light flexible couplings, HDPE couplings and HDPExGrv transition couplings )
  • Hose assemblies