Custom Control Boxes

Our custom controls are developed to meet industry requirements and customer requests. Every standard box in the Munro line can have added customized features to expand the StartBox, SmartBox, BrainBox and Pump Control Panel Plus into a unique one-of-a-kind solution.

Every system has the potential to be a unique situation, which demands specific configuration of various panel components. At Munro, we look at the whole of the application and build something just for you.


How to specify your custom pump control box
Complete as much information as you can on the custom control specification form (below), including a brief description of what needs to be done. From that information, a custom, application specific control panel can begin development. Once we have an idea of what you want the control box to do, we will determine the best solution.


These are the most commonly requested options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list, ask for it. We love a challenge!

  • Three Phase Power Option
    All three phase boxes are built for your specific horsepower and signal voltage application. Often with a three phase pump, a lawn controller’s 24v signal is not the source of the start/stop cycle. In these instances, the contactor and overload are specific to the incoming signal voltage. Due to high possible number of configurations of signal voltages paired with the horsepower specific thermal protection, we simply could not list them all in this resource.
  • Start/Stop Control Options
    • Ball Float Controls – ball floats are used to determine and maintain a preset water level.
    • Clock – using a 12 or 24 hour clock instead of a lawn controller to start or stop a water cycle.
    • Liquid Level Control – probes are used to determine and maintain a preset water level.
    • Switch: Flow – water movement activates this switch to either start or stop a pump function.
    • Switch: Pressure – level of pressure in a pump case or pipeline determines whether this switch is engaged or not.
    • Sensor: Temperature – monitors the level of temperature in or near a pump case to help prevent over-heating due to dead head.
  • Function Options
    • Pump Down – designed to keep water level in a holding area at a low level. Pump will turn on when level gets high and shut off again when desired low level is reached.
    • Pump Up – designed to keep water level in a holding area at a high level. Pump will turn on when level gets low and shut off again when desired high level is reached.
    • Retry or Restart – working with the SmartBox pump protection, this box will retry to start a few minutes after the SmartBox has shut it down. If pump can rebuild and maintain pressure again, it will be allowed to continue operation for duration of cycle.
    • Multiple Controllers – one pump can run from the signal of multiple controllers.
    • Multiple Pumps – one controller is used to signal multiple pumps.
    • Outlet – an added outlet provides 110v whenever a signal is received.
    • Lock-out Relay – demands a manual reset versus an automatic reset. Used to prevent pump damage from cycling.
    • Delayed Operation Timer – allows for a short delay from determination of potential problem to actual shut down. Allows time for the problem to self-correct.
    • Low Amperage Signal (often 2-wire) – able to receive a low amperage (below .35 amps) signal and still pull in a pump start relay.
  • Safety Options
    • Automatic Notification – automatic voice or pager dialer is incorporated to warn of any problems at the pump or controls area.
    • HOA Switch – a manually operated external switch that allows for automatic (auto) setting to be over ridden (hand) or completely disengaged (off)
    • Horn – audible warning signal to indicate a potential problem.
    • Indicator Light – can be used to illuminate as a run-light, or when there are problems as a warning light.
    • Reduced External Voltage – protect kids and animals from harm by using a box with Reduced External Voltage. Voltages leaving Munro boxes to go to sensors, floats, or probes are all at or below 30 volts.

Custom Control Box Specification Form

Pump protection requirements:

Optional Features:

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