Custom Solutions

We specialize in custom built, pre-fabricated pump stations and custom pump controls. When you are dealing with a large or complex pumping requirement in almost any industry – wastewater, irrigation, mining, industrial, municipal, energy, golf, etc. – think Munro!

Technological expertise
Offering both new installations and retrofits, we strive to use the latest technology to the benefit of the end user. We have been building pump stations and working with VFD controls for over 40 years. and Our technical expertise is unparallelled in the industry. 

Custom design
Every Munro custom solution is designed for a specific project or application. Unlike our competitors, we do not try to sell standard components and features that are not needed in your project or application. Because we build from the ground up, we partner with engineers, specifiers and distributors to deliver exactly what is needed, without adding extra cost or complication.

A focus on the end user
We understand end users because we have spent time in the field. We know that if the pump station and controls are not easy to operate and maintain, problems are inevitable. We look for every opportunity to make our solutions user friendly and maintenance free.