5 years with Hunter

Our brand new 5-year warranty program for all Munro pump stations

Now there’s another reason to choose Munro Pump Stations: a 5-Year Warranty when installed with a 100% Hunter system.

That’s right – we’re now offering a 5-Year Warranty when you install any Munro Packaged Pump Station as part of a 100% Hunter project, starting with our smallest package, the Complete PRO II 3/4–5 horse power, and extending up to our largest stations for commercial and golf.

The Hunter + Munro package offers a great solution for any project, backed by the legendary product performance and hands-on support from two of the leading names in the business. This strong warranty statement just adds to the peace-of-mind for your clients.

Please contact msy@munropump.com for more information and quote requests.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Download the RFQ            


How does the program work?

It's pretty simple. When a project is being designed or specified, just design it with 100% Hunter products for all of your rotors, sprays, valves, micro-irrigation, and of course the central control. Then include a Munro pump station on the plans too – if you request a drawing and spec for the pump station, be sure to let us know that the project will be 100% Hunter so that we can include the 5-year warranty in the spec. When the project is sold, submit the plans showing the 100% Hunter components and the Munro pump station. We will issue the 5-year warranty with the sales confirmation and invoice for the pump station. Checkout this Program Flyer for a simple explanation.

How will the customer prove that the pump station has a 5-year warranty if they need support from Munro?

No problem – we've got them covered! We will keep a record of the 5-year warranty, associated with the serial number for the pump station. When the customer contacts us, we can immediately identify that the pump station has a 5-year warranty.

Which products are included?

All packaged pump stations, including the Complete PRO II, Simplicity 70VFD, StandAlone, and custom pump stations.

What about just a regular pump and pump start relay?

No, this is a special program only for pump stations.

Is there special paperwork or any forms that I need to complete?

Nope. But we do have a pretty awesome request for quote form that includes a check box for this program. The RFQ form is a great way to communicate the requirements of your project. It's primarily geared toward the StandAlone and larger custom pump stations. Get the RFQ HERE.

What if the customer adds non-Hunter products to their system later, will that void the warranty?

No, it won't. But why would they want to do that? It's so much simpler to stick with Hunter's high quality products. If they call us, we'll be encouraging them to stick with Hunter for this project.