Munro Complete PRO II 5hp

Munro Complete PRO II 5hp

A Better, COMPLETE Solution

Irrigation contractors can take days
gathering components to install a
centrifugal irrigation pump. There’s room
for errors, leaks, and even safety

Munro made it easy. We’ve taken all of the pieces and parts and put them together in one complete package.


  • Easiest system to select & specify – One professional package includes pump, smart controls and enclosure.
  • Trouble-free components – High quality materials for a clean, durable installation to be proud of.
  • Hassle-free installation – Comes complete. No parts to forget, no need for shortcuts. No fuss, no errors.


Specifications - Pump

HP Phase Voltage Discharge Suction Dimensions Enclosure

Skid Mounted

Approx. Ship Weight/Lbs Model Number*
Height Length Depth
5 1 208-230 3" 3" 35 1/2" 44" 22" X   109 CP3005B
3 208-230/460 X   110 CP3005B3
1 208-230   X   CP3005B-SKID
3 208-230/460   X 128 CP3005B3-SKID
*Can be ordered with StartBox, SmartBox, BrainBox or custom pump control. Model numbers shown are for Complete PRO II - 5hp with standard SmartBox. Contact Munro for all other model numbers.
* For 208V, contact factory for special accommodations.
All measurements are approximate and are subject to change.