Case Studies

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     Mining case study
     WebView Remote Monitoring case study
     Custom control box case study


Customer Signal Peak Energy
Issue Nuisance water was too full of particulate to remove with standard dewatering pumps and was shutting down the Long walls for maintenance and safety issues.
By the time Signal Peak Energy, a coal mine in central Montana, recognized that they needed to do something more permanent about their nuisance water issues, they had already lost countless man hours to maintaining pumps, replaced many, many dewatering pumps, and been forced to shut down their Longwall machines on multiple occasions. This was a serious and very costly issue.

Munro Systems worked with the mine engineers to develop a pump system to keep the fine particulate suspended so that it did not clog the pumps.

The new pump station kept the nuisance water moving out of the mine and kept the Long wall in service.

A simple, low-maintenance solution to a very costly issue.

Customer Feedback Signal Peak Energy selects suppliers based on Quality, Service and Price… to maximize operating availability and minimize cost. Munro was selected to supply all of our underground dewatering pumping systems. They bring a wealth of experience and technical knowledge and incorporate our ideas into their designs.
– E.A. Bud Viren, VP of Engineering



Customer Northern Arapahoe Tribe Utilities Wind River Reservation
Issue When the EPA increased requirements for security on water treatment facilities, the Northern Arapahoe Tribe Utilities Wind River Reservation was looking at a cost of $150,000 for a new SCADA system. Typical SCADA installations required a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), increasing the user's cost up-front. Additionally, at each data site a polling system would need to be programmed, configured, and maintained. And that’s just the beginning of the complications.
Generally SCADA installations use expensive Human Machine Interface (HMI) software at the main polling station. Maintenance of the HMI software and the computer server hosting the software require costly on-going upgrades and maintenance. The reservation did not have the funds to purchase a standard SCADA system, nor the expertise to maintain it.
Solution By installing a Munro Webview instead of a standard SCADA system, we were able to meet EPA requirements with a solution that was much less expensive, simpler to use, does not require any updating, and allows for secure, remote monitoring. With the Munro Webview, all hardware and software is located on one unit. No programming is required, due to built-in reporting, and the data is viewable via the web.
Results This solution saved the reservation $100,000 in up-front costs and also meant that they would not have ongoing update and maintenance costs. The reservation subsequently installed Munro Webview at their casino and sewage lift stations.



Customer RD Sprinklers
Issue A residential development needed to use a 110v irrigation clock that limits homeowner irrigation activity to approved times of the day. The system used three 5hp pumps and due to power company regulations they needed to stagger the pumps starting times.
A soft start was an option, but it was expensive and not entirely necessary.





Munro Pump designed a specialized pump control solution to tier the pumps starts.

After the first pump starts, the next pumps do not start for at least one minute, to comply with the power company's regulations.

This solution was half the price of a soft-start and has been so effective that the customer ordered a second one for another project.